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Southern Jam Fest

2014 Hoop Group Southern Jam Fest Preview 

By Staff

Mid Atlantic Staff
Posted  April 18'2014

Live period is just one week away for college coaches to come out, but this weekend the Hoop Group Jam fest features some of the best teams and players in the Mid Atlantic hoops area (Virginia to New England)...Story


 Hoop Group Southern Jam Fest kick off the spring circuit and with just one week away for college coaches to come out. Boo Williams sportsplex in Hampton, Virginia feature some of the best programs and players in the Mid Atlantic Hoops area (Virginia to New England). 

Where: Boo Williams Sportsplex, Hampton, Va.

When: April 18-20

Reporting Staff: Dwayne Thomas, JR Rambert & Jide Sodipo

Official Hoop Group Southern Jam Fest Site:

 Top Teams:

Outlook: This event, Southern Hoop Group Jam is the only major in Mid Atlantic Hoops are before shoe brand league kicks off next week.

Look for our preview of each league next week.

 Here is our Preseason Top 3 brand affiliations league..... (Click on the logo to follow the league website)

1.      Nike Eybl kick off at Sacramento, CA

2.      Adidas Uprising kick off at Dallas

3.      Under Armour kick off at Kansas City, MO (West) & Pittsburgh, PA (East)





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